More than 10 hectares of woodland, an ancient orchard, and a canyon… all to be explored.

The Podere Millepioppi is an estate located within the Stirone and Piacenziano Regional Park, an area that includes the riverbed and banks of the river which, over thousands of years, has shaped the land, transported debris, and unearthed surprising archaeological finds.

Strolling along the banks of the Stirone River, in the shade of weeping willows and poplars, is like visiting an open-air museum, where the stratification of fossils now reveals the history and evolution of the landscape and of the natural world which it preserved for millions of years.

Here history continues every day.

If you follow the trails that branch out from thePodere Millepioppi, you’ll discover a butterfly garden, an orchard with ancient varieties of fruit, and a centuries old oak tree which, like an old sentinel, seems to indicate the way to the Stirone River. Then, if you sharpen your eyes, you may find the tracks of or even meet the various residents of the park: roe deer,foxes, badgers, mice, and many species of birds, like the colourful European bee eater who digs its nest into the sandy river banks.

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